Thursday, November 21, 2019

Influences of Online Book Preview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Influences of Online Book Preview - Essay Example Considering such situations the publishing house has been suggested to start on a new venture of online publications of their books and sell their books via the popular retailers over the web space. The publishing house can also make some portion of their books available over the Internet which may act as an effective promotional campaign for their books. However they needs to be careful with such measures as often service providers can publish books online without their permission and also can make the books available for free download. Case of Google book copyright infringement has been referred to bring out a practical example of such copyright violations. The publishing house needs to be careful in implementing such measures as any negligence can further hamper their cause. Technology has improved rapidly in the past decade. It has made its prominence in almost all the sectors. Business houses all over the world have implemented the e-business to gain maximum profitability for th eir business. Digitalization of market has made it possible for the availability of almost everything over the internet. The number of technology savvy people has increased considerably all over the globe and people prefer to take the online help to meet their purpose. In such an era, digitalization of books has covered a large part of the e-market and is providing considerable amount of threat for the conventional publisher who does not have a considerable presence over the web. Furthermore the presence of the online book preview is hampering the business of the publishers to a large extent. Popularity of Online book preview Online book preview is available in many internet sites where the users can view the book in an electronic form. The electronic books are published over the internet which facilitates the users to have a glance of the whole book or a part of the book. The e-books are readable on computers or in the latest electronic devices. The existence of e-book can be possi ble without any printed equivalence. The earlier version of the eBooks was available for specific purposes and in specialized areas and had limited number of viewers. Those form of ebooks or the online book preview options did not pose any considerable harm to the interest of the major publication houses and it was quite beneficial for the readers as well. However post 1990, internet broadened the option of the availability of the eBooks occurred in large scale. In the present market the online preview of books is available in many desired technological formats which have created more interest among the readers. Another feature of the online book preview really benefits the interest of the users which includes the free viewing. The users over the internet can virtually have a preview of their desired books for almost free, which further enhances their cause of the growing popularity of the medium. Other than the option of free viewing some internet sites also provides the option for the free download which comes as a gift for the millions of book readers. Nowadays users of internet can gain access to almost any books of their preferred subjects and choice and read them online. The online book preview provides facility also offers opportunity for the writers who cannot publish their books because of the denial from the publishers. They can make their books available to the readers through the online mode.  

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