Sunday, September 22, 2019

Research Business Concept Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Business Concept Outline - Essay Example Prospective vacation package bidders can view web sites of businesses included in each package, for selection of most appropriate packages. Online payment and reservations are simplified with this process, as dates for vacation packages are already determined and payment online is more secure today with encryption, just as other online stores. Fees for offering part of a tour or vacation package on Vacation Bay are similar to listing fees on eBay. Business will not invested more than a few dollars for each listing. Costs for running Vacation Bay include web hosting, programming, database management and marketing. Brochures and emails can be sent to all hotels, restaurants, historical sites, museums and tour operators. The largest costs for advertising come from search engine optimization activities. Online auctions are widely accepted in Australia, so there are no legal concerns. There are consumer to consumer auctions such as Oztion5 and business to consumer auctions such as Grays.6 Businesses are required to include a Goods and services tax in their package portions. â€Å"The GST is a 10 per cent tax on most goods and services. Businesses that are registered for the GST and that sell qualifying supplies include the GST component on their tax invoice.†7 An example of a vacation package in Queensland might include four nights at a B&B, two different restaurant dinners , two days of golf or art museum tours. Restaurants such as Fuse8 and Baguette9 already have websites with online reservations options. A restaurant such as Greeka,10 lacking an online reservations option, will benefit from exposure in offering a night or two at its restaurant as part of a package. Choice in packaging allows businesses to experiment with various images, by co-branding. Businesses are able to closely monitor success of different packages. The online

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