Thursday, September 26, 2019

Steps to make ethical practice in the workplace a reality Essay

Steps to make ethical practice in the workplace a reality - Essay Example Since majority of the people in the world goes to work, it is important that one possesses good ethics in the work place. Good ethics is an essential attribute that an individual must possess in order to lessen conflicts in that might arise in the work place. Steps to Make Ethical Practice in the Work Place a Reality Work ethics main concern is how everyone gets along which each other, Weinstein (2009) explains that it encompasses the right attitudes, proper behavior, respect, open communication and appropriate interaction on how people show who and what kind of person they are. Christian values may be incorporated in the formulation of rules and guidelines for employees and following the words of God will actually guide one into having the ideal work attitude and may lead to further career growth. A company could consider incorporating the four basic values which are trust, responsibility, respect and care, as the primary step to achieve good work ethics. Kidd claims that †¦ â €˜it is about healing, empowerment, liberation and transcendence.’ Trust or faith connotes how trustworthy a person is. Imagine the employees of an accounting firm do not have trust in each other that firm is doomed to fail. Trust as defined by Spirit Home ‘indicates a depth and a sense of assurance that is based on strong but not logically-conclusive evidence,  and/or  based on the character, ability, or truth shown by someone or something over time or across situations.’ Once the employees begin to trust each other and the company, a sense of safeness can be integrated. And the breach of trust would result in multiple damages. Spirit Home insinuates that when trust starts to break, people become afraid. Proper communication within all the levels of the organization combined with doing the reciprocal, showing that one also trusts the other will ensure that this value remains intact in the work place. MDE (2004) states that ‘Getting things accomplish ed is more effective when people know who is responsible.’ Responsibility means making it clear to the individuals that they are accountable for their work. People work better when they have been briefed on what they have to do than to have them assume they know their duties. It is the responsibility of the management of a company to orient its entire workforce on the scope of each individual’s responsibility; this should be done to avoid any overlapping in their work that might result in repetitive outputs which only waste precious time. Lack of this will also result in finger pointing whenever something goes wrong and leaves the workplace an ill-environment to be in. Respect is a subjective term. People can create their own meaning of the word based from their experiences. However, Ulrich et al. (2009) claims that ‘respect is important in the†¦.profession’ that ‘†¦it should be practiced with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity , worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status and personal attributes†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Any workplace would be a harmonious one if people begin by respecting one another. This must be innate in everyone, to revere in each other’s attribute, ethnicity, race and stature in life. Showing people you care for them is another vital value that should be included in the ethical practice. Caring is like the other values stated above which definition depends on the person’

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