Thursday, October 17, 2019

Individual Clinical Experience Case Description Essay

Individual Clinical Experience Case Description - Essay Example One of the condition that was important in developing my identity as an emergency department nurse was when I received a patient who was vomiting, chest pain and nausea, I got a family note that notified that this patient was suffering from stroke. The nurse who was responsible for this patient had over 20years of experience but failed to attend to him. I tried to see how I could help. After carrying out assessment on the patient I did not notice symptoms of stroke such as facial dropping. Therefore, I ignored the assertions made by my fellow nurse and thought that the patient was just suffering from chest pain. Later I realized that my patient speaking displayed significant change from the ration of 4:1 to the ratio of 3:1. After the Magnetic resonance Imaging was carried, I realized that the patient had some symptoms of stroke. This experience changed my emotionally and professional thinking. It helped me not just assume that a patient is suffering from a certain medical condition such as stroke but it also enabled me to realize the importance carryout out physical examination to ascertain the presence of a given medical condition.   Further this experience provided me with varied skills and abilities to deal with not only patients with stroke but also patients with other emergency conditions. The experience also enabled me to learn how I could interact with patients with critical conditions such as asthma and heart attack. Further, it enabled me know how to relate with my fellow staffs.

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