Saturday, October 19, 2019

Process and production improvement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Process and production improvement - Essay Example Besides main course, DH kitchen offers a variety of desserts, salads, side orders, and ice creams along with plenty of beverages like tea, coffee, cardamom tea, and drinks. The increased number of food and cash counters has eased the difficulties of increased student body and caters significantly more people than before. However, there are many aspects of DH, which needs improvement. First, the temperature turns to discomforting degrees at times. Specifically during summers, it gets more suffocating with a huge number of people around and lesser ventilation. Second, the cash counters are located in one centre aisle, receiving people from five counters simultaneously. This results in huge crowd and delay leading to agonized public at both sides of the counter. In addition, DH has been one outlet, which is affordable for all classes: NOPs, janitors, middle-class, or elite rich, everyone can afford. However, the recent 25% increase in prices of all food items have led to great hues and cry in the entire student body whose parents are already fighting with inflation to pay for the expensive tuition of their children. In addition, the quality and taste of the food has always been a great debate at Harvard.

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