Saturday, October 19, 2019

Network Management and Systems Administration Essay - 1

Network Management and Systems Administration - Essay Example This is done by registering the accessible application as a URL handler. After launching the application successfully, command line parameters can be used in getting the URL that launched it (Farrel, 2004). This is possible for, the protocols run within Windows Explorer and Windows Internet Explorer by using the Run command. These applications for URL protocols should have a mechanism of acting on malicious data. This is so because application handlers can get data from un-trusted sources. The parameters and URL might have malicious data that can interfere with handling the data application. Application protocols are simple. They enable the browser to launch a program. The browser can include; PDF reader or word. This is done by momentary the requested URL to the program. The examples of application protocols include; onenote, mailto, and news protocols. The simplicity of the application protocols is shown by the protocol scheme that they are associated. For example onenote protocol is associated in the registry by a local installed application like onenote.exe. This association is created with the addition of a new URL protocol. The simplicity makes the launching the protocols to be easier in windows web browsers. The browsers include; Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE, and Firefox support the application protocols. This is done by the use of Windows ShellExecuteEx. However, the browsers behave differently in launching the protocols. This simplicity makes the application protocols acutely vulnerable. Thus, the browsers prompt a user every time in launching the wanted program. The user has the leeway of prompting a task. This is done by asking any time anew task is to be performed. The default value used for enabling the warning is 0xi, while the one used for disabling the warning is 0x0. The application developer or administrators do set the policy on behalf of the user. However, due to security reason the prompt is discouraged. In the later

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